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Uropa 2 (CD³²)
Hersteller : Vulcan Software
Genre : 3D ISO-Action
Jahr : 1996
Bewertung : 74 %

LEVEL 1: Blackout

Enter Base of CASTALIA (q.u.i.e.t.l.y.) and travel to the Research room. Download information which tells of the research about metamorphing the Tekite shape to the Commander shape through the programming of the Transport Computer. Go to the storage room next door and search room and locate the program instruction chip. This room has a Kapone at a cabinet. If there is not too much delay the Kapone will not turn and notice you. If observed you must destroy that Kapone before leaving that section of the base.

Continue to search Section one of the base and you will locate a Credit Card on a dead colonist, an amunition clip and an autofire weapon enchancment. Another room will contain some colonists. Lead the colonists back to the Main transporter room and transport them to the Elderado Station.

There is a TED in the Workers Qrts which is needed to gain access through the security door. Both security rooms are level 0 which means once you gain access to the first by using the TED you will be able to get the access code to use on the 2nd security room. However, in case you stuff it up, there is a base card in the 2nd section of the base which will give you access to all security rooms in the base.

Return to the Transporter room and insert the instruction chip into the Transport Computer. Transport to Translink Rm 1 and you will change to a Kapone Commander. You will have approx. 12 minutes to destroy the Comms room before the Morph FX will terminate and you change back to a Tekite.

Locate the Supply room and purchase a detonator, search the Armory room and locate a High Explosive hidden behind some blocks in the room. Join the detonator to the high explosive to form Primed High Explosives. This will need power applied to the detonator to explode.

Take these to the Comms room on the way you should locate a corridor with a switch. This needs to be turned off as it powers the communication device in the Comms room. Go to the Comms room and insert the Primed Explosive into the communications device.

Return to Corridor and throw the switch and the Comms room should be destroyed. Now locate Commander and kill him. There is a Lockup key being carried by a Kapone in this section which is required to free the locked Colonists. Rescue the Colonsist, kill a few Kapones and Bobs your Uncle.

LEVEL 2: Nomad

Before embarking on this operation, you should purchase as many LS1200 or HG0500 missiles as possible from the hovar supply computer in the Elderado Foyer. The foyer is located in the Elderado Station and accessed by either F3 or using the mouse to select.

From here, transport to the surface and locate sector 60:07, killing enemy ships along the way. Once you have reached this sector, slow down! There are four enemy missile turrets on the far outskirts, surrounding the base. There are five communication towers that need to be destroyed, and the only weapon is missiles.

You need to select missiles and target each towers one at a time. Quite a few missiles are needed to penetrate a towers shields. One "trick" is to travel into the centre of the base near the middle building stop. You will be just out of range from the missile turrets, and you can target the outer four towers. You will need to move out to target the central tower, avoiding any incoming missle fire.

Once this is done, the operation will be a success.

LEVEL 3: Spark

You are in Base Aurora. First, make your way south to the supply room that contains numerous colonists hiding there. Walk back into the main transporter room and wait for them to file in. Select the "StarShip" option on the transporter and wait for them to be transported.

Now, transport yourself to the first translink room. Search the box at the back of the room to get a TED. Transport back to the main transporter, then west towards the first security room. Use the TED to blow the security door, then go in and access the security computer to get the access code and also to unlock the doors.

Now, go north and enter the colonists room to the west of the first foyer, search the bed with the dead colonist on it and collect the credit card. Now, go east then north and turn east after reaching the hydroponics room. Continue north and enter the room east of the next foyer. Destroy the Kapone here and pick up the weapon container it dropped. You now have a gun.

Go west and pick up the hidden hologram projector on the north wall. You need to take out the Kapone commander to get a base card, so be careful. Once in the commanders room, search the bed to find an empty fuse. Travel south, then west to find two colonists.

Make your way back to the first foyer north of the security room. Tell the colonists to stay there. Enter the security room to the east and then out the north exit. Travel until you get to the lockup and rescue the colonists. Travel back to the foyer and then to the main transporter and transport the colonists to the starship.

Now, go to the supply room to the south and buy a 100amp fuse wire with the credit card. Now using the inventory window, drop the fuse wire on the empty fuse and you now have a complete fuse!

Go west past the first security room until you reach the second security room. Enter the room to the south and destroy the Kapones and pick up the control key. Head back to the first security room and then south to the T-junction. Enter the control room to the west. Read the number on the key via the inventory and use that number to access the computers. Examine the generator to find the power fault. Head east to the reactor room and insert the fuse into the generator. Head back to the control room and enable the generator!

NOTE: There is an armory room to the east of the security room that is near the lockup. You should go back there after gaining credits and buy better weaponry and/or ammunition.


LEVEL 6: Retrieve

The Tekite is held in a room and is brain dead, there is a popup gun directly underneath the Tekite ready to destroy it as soon as its moved off.

Interrogation room is partially sealed with the computer containing the the broken Tekite CPU in the sealed section of the room. Can see the sealed section but cant seem to get to it.

Entry to sealed section via a switch in the sealed section that raises a wall in a nearby corridor. This allows access to a foyer with a hidden door through to the commanders quarters. The Commanders quarters has a hidden door that allows access to the interrogation room into the sealed section thus gaining access to the broken Tekite CPU.

Go to the supply room and purchase a blank Tekite CPU then through the inventory join the broken CPU and Blank CPU thus gaining a whole CPU with the Tekites memory intact.

Take the complete CPU back to the Restrained Tekite, insert the CPU, the Tekite will now be able to follow you back to the Main Transporter room where it can be transported back to the Star Shifter. Must first place something on the popup gun as soon as the Tekite Moves off it.

This will complete the operation.

LEVEL 7: Captive

You are in the base of Lares. First you will need to find the neuroscrambler which is hidden in a cabinet within the store room. Then transport to the translink room. Enter the commanders quarters and stun the commander. Search the room and locate the lockup key. Go to the lockup carefully travelling through the power pyramid corridors to avoid as much damage as possible.

Once in the lockup room DO NOT activate the wall switch directly as this is booby trapped. Rather, shoot the switch with the laser gun to switch off the power pyramids. Unlock the hacker using the lockup key (right hand colonist). Lead the colonist to the Central Computer room where he will access a terminal to activate the central computer. Once it is activated, go to it and insert the neuro-scrambler for programming.

Wait until the broadcast message is received from the colonist indicating that re-programming has finished. Search the central computer to retrive the neuro-scrambler and then go back to the commander and insert the neuro-scrambler. The commander will now be friendly and follow you back to the main transport room. However, a trap room will have been released at this time and you will be swamped by revenging Lieutenants, so be careful.

After sending back the commander rescue the remaining colonists from the lockup (and the hacker). If you dont have lockup keys to free them then use a TED to destroy them rather then shooting as the TED doesn't count against you (rogue/criminal). After transporting back the last colonist the operation is complete.

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