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Hersteller : Ubi Soft
Genre : Action
Jahr : 1990
Bewertung : 91 %


Where possible, collect all crystals to keep your shield at its maximum (99). Other crystals provide you with additional weapons, invulnerability, additional scores etc. When completing this level (after plenty of practise) try to have a shield rating over 70.


1.1 While moving right kill the first and second bird and duck under the third.

1.2 Avoid the man eating plants.

1.3 Jump right avoiding the plants' fire. Use your sword on the plant. As you land jump left avoiding the rhino's laser. Hit the rhino three times with your sword.

1.4 Use your sword on the fire. Wait until the fire's flames pass then walk right.

1.5 Kill all the plants then collect the crystals. Go right.

1.6 Stand on the rocks to the left of the gap and kill the first two birds.

1.7 Jump across the gap, kill the monster and collect the crystal he leaves behind.

2.1 Kill the bad guy and jump right, avoiding the spikes; do this twice.

2.2 Kill the monster and jump up, there should be a rock with stars revolving round it. Whack it twice with your sword.

2.3 Top the first bad guy, go right then jump right to avoid the spikes. Stand next to the gap and hit the bad guy eight times.

2.4 Go left, jump left and hit the rock with stars around it to stop the rock fall. Stand to the left of the rock under the tree then jump up and hit the rock. Walk left. Hit the falling rock three times until they flash. Go right and move to the middle of the grass patch. Use your sword to extinguish the fire on the log then move right. Keep doing this until the fire's completely out then walk to the right of the screen.

3.1 Move right and use your sword on the first falling rock. Now go to the left of the first rock fall. Hit the next rock then jump right and collect the crystal.

3.2 When the rope swings back for the second time jump at it. Jump off it on the other side then jump right to avoid the spikes.

3.3 While moving to your right kill all the bees. Jump over the fire, kill the bad guy then use your sword on the fire.

4.1 Keep moving right while avoiding the bird's bombs. Hit the grasshopper with your sword then jump left twice. When the grasshopper attacks and moves back, go right and hit it again. Repeat this until it's killed

4.2 Kill the bad guy and the plants.

4.3 Jump onto the log. Wait until the log moves back before you jump onto the next one. Use this method to get all the way across the screen.

5.1 Same as 4.3

5.2 Go to the top off the grass mound. Jump up, kill the monster and collect the crystal.

5.3 Kill the critter

6.1 Avoid the flames, kill the tiger and collect the crystal.

6.2 Jump up, kill the birds, collect the crystal. Use your sword on the bridge then move right off the screen.

6.3 Jump right and avoid the broken bridge. Kill the serpent and collect the crystal.

7.1 This is tricky. Avoid the gaps and the stars. Hit the falling rocks with your sword, quickly jump right, grab the crystal and kill the tiger.

7.2 Hit the rocks three times, until they flash.

7.3 Wait for the bridge to appear then jump onto it.

7.4 Use your sword on the log, then jump onto it.

8.1 Wait until the plants fire passes then jump right, do this again when the hill you're standing on rises.

8.2 Attack the bubbles with your sword, jump right, collect the crystal and jump onto the log.

8.3 Jump across the gap, wait for the bubbles to pass, then jump onto the next patch of grass.

8.4 Use the logs to cross this screen.

9.1 On this section keep walking right while avoiding the bird's bombs. Kill everything in your way and collect all the crystals.

10.1 Same as 9.1

10.2 When you reach the spikes, jump right and use your sword on the fire.

10.3 Jump over the fire and the spikes, killing all the birds you encounter.

10.4 Stand on the rocks and jump onto the logs.

10.5 Use your sword on the dragon's head (it'll flash if you hit the right spot)

10.6 When the log is falling jump left onto the rocks to avoid the dragons flame. Repeat this until the dragon's killed


The same river as level 1. Kill everything you come across and collect the crystals. When you reach the section with the dolphins jumping out of the water keep to the left and you won't get hit.


1.1 Use your sword on the fire, then move to the left of the gap. Hit the snowballs, jump right and hit the other snowball. Kill the dragon and leave the screen.

1.2 Repeat 1.1

2.1 Wait until the wind passes. Go right and keep ducking to avoid the arrows. At the same time stand to the left of the gap and kill the monster, jump over the gap, collect the crystal and kill the bad guys.

2.2 Wait for the wind to pass again; jump across the gap; kill everything and get off the screen.

2.3 Kill the fast monsters, wait for the wind then kill the flies while standing to the left of the gap.

3.1 Jump onto the moving rock and hit the small rock at the bottom of the screen. Go up, kill the monster then leave the screen without attacking anything else.

3.2 Keep going right while avoiding monsters.

3.3 Kill the moving heads and destroy any snowball that come near you.

4.1 Jump onto the rope, hit the crystal stars, jump off the rope. Now walk across the gap. The stars you collect will form a bridge.

4.2 Move right and hit the moving ball.

5.1 Keep moving right while attacking the bubbles.

5.2 Jump onto the ice berg (use the joystick to steady yourself).

5.3 Wait for a bubble to pass before jumping onto the ice berg.

5.4 Same as 5.2 and 5.3

6.1 Jump right to clear the last ice berg.

6.2 Keep moving right killing everything except snowballs and rhinos which need to be jumped over.

6.3 Collect the moving ball with your sword. Use your sword to clear the icicles.

7.1 Destroy all the snowballs.

8.1 Walk right killing all the monsters; avoid the icicles; collect the crystals; use your sword on the fire and go back to where you started.

8.2 Duck and use your sword on the flashing up arrow to make it point down.

8.3 Kill the birds, jump over the rocks and avoid the spikes.

9.1 Destroy all the snowballs then jump across the gap.

9.2 Use your sword on the flashing arrow to change it to up. Go right and use your sword on the fire.

9.3 Go right and kill all the birds.

9.4 Jump onto the rope, move to the top and jump off. Do this with the next rope too.

10.1 Jump onto the rope, move to the top and jump off the other side. Destroy all the snowballs.

10.2 This bit is very important. Make sure you collect the ball otherwise the end-of-level monster will be indestructable.

10.3 Kill the monster with your sword, but be quick about it.

10.4 Congratulations.

LEVEL 7 - 3D (Approaching the castle)

On this level do your best to avoid getting into trouble as there are no crystals. Follow this guide to stay in the clear:

BATS - Stay at the centre bottom screen.
LIGHTNING - Same as above.
FIRE BALLS - Keep to the middle.
CATWALKS - Up and down only.
CIRCLES - As above.
MONSTERS - Keep firing.

LEVEL 8 - 2D SECTION (Inside the castle)

1.1 Use your sword on the chain to the right of you. Jump onto the log and hit the fire with your sword.

1.2 Destroy all the barrels. Hit the pot and collect the crystal.

1.3 Kill the serpents in the grill.

2.1 Kill the serpents and the monster (avoid the flames).

2.2 Kill the men behind you while moving right.

2.3 Kill the furry monsters that jump towards you and collect the crystal.

2.4 Kill all of the round monsters.

3.1 To kill the large mosquito stand on the edge of the first step, then jump up and keep hitting it.

3.2 Kill the bad guys, move right, then turn round and hit the pot that falls behind you.

4.1 Jump right twice over the flames.

4.2 Kill all the monsters while moving right.

5.1 Destroy the barrel and jump over the spikes.

5.2 Kill the dragon then stand on the rocks, jump onto the log as it moves towards you and hit the flame in the castle window with your sword.

5.3 Aim for the skeleton's head.

5.4 Hit the flame in the window again. Almost there now!

6.1 Use your sword on the flame.

6.2 You need to be quick to kill this monster.

6.3 Kill the skeleton.

6.4 This is the last monster. Just keep aiming for the fire, and pray that your shield holds up.


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