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Yo! Yoe!
Hersteller : Hudson Soft
Genre : Plattform-Action
Jahr : 1993
Bewertung : 80 %


Level one has three big baddies, by using this route you will only meet two of them and can avoid the vicious blade-wielding zombie.

Go right, through the doors, kick painting, drop down and kick the two ledges on the right to reveal some goodies. Down the stairs (avoiding barrels) and collect nunchuckas at bottom. Hit the blocks on the right to reveal some more goodies.

Back up the stairs, hit thugs with nunchuckas. Walk right, kill the bat and collect the petrol bomb. Continue walking right (jumping over the spikes), kill the skeletons, collect the petrol bomb and walk through the door.

Hit the stairs, jump onto them and kill the painting, continue up the stairs, walk right (killing the skeleton) and jump into the shower to recharge your energy.

Walk left, jump onto the ledge, up the stairs, kick the painting, walk left until you reach another skeleton. Kill it and continue up the stairs killing both the thug and painting with the numchucks. Drop down and while avoiding the rat, hit the treasure chest to reveal lots of energy.

Jump back up onto the ledge and walk up a few steps, turn around and jump onto the first right ledge. Continue right (killing skeletons and vampires), drop into the water, right, down ledges (keep to the LEFT) and at the bottom you will find a tunnel containing lots of goodies.

Jump/climb back up the ledges (avoid spikes on right), drop back into the water and jump onto the first ledge on the right. Facing towards the first thug and throw a petrol bomb at him, then jump onto the next ledge and repeat for the other thug. Switch to the nunchuckas, now jump up onto the ledge on the left, walk left up the stairs, kill bat, over bridge, kill thug and bat.

Continue left until you see a small column, walk towards it (hitting the barrels as they fall with the nunchuckas). When the rat walks to the left of the screen, jump over the column and quickly throw a shuriken at it.

Kick the first ledge and continue up, jump over the thugs's knife, kill him and the bat, and continue left (avoiding the spikes), kill the skeletons and the thug, drop down and walk right to discover another chest.

Go left, kill painting, collect goodies from ledge, continue left, climb up ledges killing thugs (don't worry about energy loss), and continue right where you'll find another chest (energy).

Go up, collect energy (if required), jump up onto right ledge and continue right (killing the skeleton, the painting and the thug as you do), jump up onto the next ledge and use a shuriken on the thug. Collect the energy and drop down onto the next ledge where you will find another chest.

Down, right, up, collect shuriken, up, kill thug, jump right onto the top platform and crawl along until you reach the end. Climb up the ledges (killing thugs with nunchuckas) until you arrive at the top (collect energy if required), and walk left.

Kill vampire, jump over the first column and hit chest, jump across gap, kill bat, over bridge, jump left onto the next platform. Kill thugs, use petrol bomb on third thug and climb onto ledge. Jump onto the right ledge and jump into the shower to recharge energy. Continue down left (avoiding the rat and spikes) and kill the thug with the nunchuckas. Go up, walk left and a big baddie will appear.

As you enter the room pieces of the platform will collapse (be careful not to fall), when they have collapsed jump onto the second highest piece (so that you are almost level with him) and throw a petrol bomb at him as he jumps up (if you time your throw correctly you'll only need one, otherwise you'll need to use two). He will die without even hitting you once!

Jump up onto right ledge, walk right, up left, collect gas cans and chainsaw, now jump up the platforms onto the roof (collecting gas cans and destroying the barrel dispenser as you do). Switch to the nunchuckas, walk right (DO NOT walk left) and slide down the roof.

Continue right (avoiding spikes) and jump up onto the right ledge and collect the iron bar. Continue walking right (avoiding more spikes and killing baddies with iron bar). Jump right over the column and Count Cosimo will appear.

The best weapons to use are the iron bar, the chainsaw and the petrol bomb. The best tactic is to quickly run to the far right of the screen. He will then warp to that position, now jump onto the nearest ledge (to the left) and (very quickly, before he moves again) throw a petrol bomb at him. If you stand perfectly still, so will he, but he will also get fried by the bomb! If you don't have any petrol bombs your best chance is to just charge at him with the chainsaw. When you've defeated him walk right and you have completed level one.


Walk right (over the spikes), kill snake, up stairs, up right (kicking/punching the blobs). Walk right and slide down the slope (avoid the spikes and killing the guns by kicking them). When you get to the bottom, collect the energy and walk left.

Kill mummy, slide down the next slope (killing the blobs), kill mummies, up left (avoiding the guns), up left, and collect nunchuckas. Kill sun before it explodes (or avoid it). Slide down right, kill snake, up, up left (avoiding guns), up right, wait for sun to explode.

Go right, here you will face the first big baddie, use a combination of kicks and nunchuckas to kill him. When he dies a hole will open above, climb up, walk through the hole, and slide down left.

Collect energy, slide down right, avoid sun, collect petrol bomb, down, kill snake, walk up the stairs (killing the one-eyed stones, and collect the energy they leave behind). Go down the ledges, collect the petrol bomb and kill the snake.

Continue down stairs (jumping over one-eyed stones and collecting goodies), avoid sun, down, collect petrol bomb. Kill stone and snakes, collect energy, left (over spikes), kill stone, left, hit chest.

You will now meet the second big baddie. Quickly (and carefully) make your way across to the left of the screen and climb onto the ledges, from there you can throw the petrol bombs to drain a lot of the baddies' energy, then finish him off with kicks and the shurikens (on the top ledge above you).

Walk right (crouching down), killing mummies, collecting energy and goodies, up ledges (avoid sun and collect shuriken), kill snakes with kicks and nunchuckas. Continue up until you arrive at the iron bar, collect both that and the shuriken.

Now proceed right up the stairs (collecting goodies), down, down next stairs, kill snakes, down, kill snake, walk right and you will meet level two's Meanotaurus.

Some sections of the floor collapse (every second stone), so jump across these sections (left and right) hitting the baddie with the iron bar (jumping over him when he charges you, and remember the spikes). When he stands still (snorting) hit him like crazy (but get ready to jump). When you've killed him walk right to the exit.


This level is ENORMOUS. If you use this route you will avoid meeting TWO of the big baddies, which of course only leaves one!

Walk left up the stairs. When you reach the top avoid the firing face by crawling underneath it and collect the nunchuckas. Avoid the second face and jump OVER the first face block.

Collect the energy, avoid the next face, continue left, jump ONTO the second block and fall with it. Kill the indian, jump onto the third block (avoiding the spikes above). You will notice that the next block is above you. Walk slowly left, the block will shake and then fall, climb over it. Step onto the next block and fall with it. Kill the next indian and jump onto the next block. Avoid the block above (as before) and climb over it. Stand on the next block and continue left, collect the iron bar and the energy, now hit the statue marked "hit" until it explodes.

Walk back right and you will discover that a new hole has appeared, drop down this (collecting the goodies). Kill the mobile bomber, walk left (jumping over columns (watch out for the falling block)).

Continue left, jump over the first block, kill indian, left, jump over second block. Stand on the third and fall with it. When the firing face closes jump out of the hole and hit it with the iron bar.

Continue left, drop down (watch out for the blade), walk right and avoid the four falling blocks (climbing over each one after they've fallen), collect petrol bomb. Continue right, kill both the firing face and the indian with the iron bar and collect the chainsaw.

Switch to the iron bar, jump onto the first step (watch out for the spikes) and kill the firing face on the wall. Now jump from column to column to over to the right, kill the next firing face and collect the energy. Kill the next face and the indian, continue right (jumping over the spikes), avoid the falling blocks, continue right, kill indian, walk down the stairs (killing the face and the mobile bomber).

Go right, collect shurikens, left and stand on the hinge of the firing face, he will then open allowing you to hit him. Continue left and hit the face above you. Walk down stairs, hit the chest and jump up onto the left ledge, kill the indian. Continue left jumping over ALL the blocks (killing the baddies with the iron bar) until you reach a gap. Jump over this and jump across the columns until you are standing on the fifth one. Drop down to the left and you will land on a yellow rock, walk off this to the right and continue travelling in a down-right direction (killing the baddies on the way of course). Don't worry about falling as you can't fall of the screen.

Continue in this direction until you get to what looks like a mine shaft, drop down this and collect the petrol bomb. Kill the indian and walk off the end of the ledge, onto the one below. Jump off this platform to the left and you should land on three small columns. Jump off this ledge onto the ledges on the right, then jump up onto the ones on the left and jump across to the where the skeleton is.

Jump over the first column and kill the indian, now jump over the second column and drop down left, kill indian, walk left and drop off the end. Kill next indian, jump left onto the next ledge below, kill indian and jump left onto ledge above and kill face.

Switch to the nunchuckas and jump left onto the facing ledge, kill indian and continue climbing up the ledges travelling towards the left. Eventually you should reach another firing face in a tunnel, kill it and mobile gun. Walk left along the tunnel (killing baddies) and drop down (avoiding blade).

Walk right (killing bombers and faces) and drop down, walk left (killing more bombers and faces), drop down and continue down (avoiding blades) until you reach the bottom. Walk right, up (killing faces) and slide down. Walk left, kill the face, collect the first petrol bomb (collect the second only if you're very fast) and go right.

Kill indian and bomber, up, left, up (avoid blade), kill indian, right, down, right, kill bomber, jump up and hit the bottom face on the statue (use iron bar) to remove the block on the right.

Jump over the column, down, walk right along the tunnel an you'll now meet Marcos Cane. This guy is easy to beat, every time you try to hit him he jumps over you, so switch to the iron bar. Now if you stand on one spot, but keep turning around (ie face left, then right, then left, etc.) and rapidly tap the fire button he'll keep jumping into the path of your iron bar and die easily! Walk right and you're at the exit!


Walk right (jumping over blocks, kicking bats, and collecting petrol bombs) until you reach the entrance of the temple. Kill ninja, jump over the gap and collect the energy, walk left and drop down.

Go right, down, left, jump over the gap and kill the bats. Down the stairs, kill ninja and continue left through the water, up the stairs and over the gap.

Collect shuriken, drop down, swim through the water (avoiding the fish). Jump up onto the ledge on the left, walk left and drop into the water. Continue left until you get to the third ledge. Drop down from this to the left, swim under the column, jump up onto the next ledge and collect the nunchuckas.

Return to the third ledge, jump up onto the ledge on the left, up the two steps and jump onto the ledge on the right. Collect the shurikan, walk up the steps (avoiding the red blade that fires from the wall). Once the blade has passed jump up vertically and this will activate the next blade (which you can then easily avoid). Jump up onto the next ledge and collect the energy and the shuriken. Jump up onto the next ledge, walk up stairs, as you collect the goodies quickly walk down a few steps and a blade will narrowly miss you. Continue up in this fashion until you reach the top.

Walk right and kill the ninja with the nunchuckas, as you walk right blades will drop down from above and shoot up from below. Continue right avoiding these and the spikes (killing the ninjas). When you reach the other side jump up the ledges (collecting goodies) and proceed to the left.

Kill ninjas, walk over the steps to the left, collect shurikan and goodies, kill ninjas, jump up the ledges (avoiding the blades as before) and avoid or kill the ninjas in the walls. Jump through the top opening on the right. Continue right (collecting the goodies on the shelves above and killing bats), walk right up the stairs. Climb ledges until you reach the top.

Climb up and continue left killing sumos that come out of the doors. When you have passed all the doors climb up the ledges and walk right killing the next lot of sumos. Climb up the ledges and proceed left killing more sumos (avoiding/killing the wall ninjas and the bats).

Climb up the ledges and walk right, walk to the giant bell and hit it until it explodes. An opening will now appear on the right. Walk through this and you will meet one of the big baddies. The shurikens do a lot of damage but he can jump over them so kill him with the nunchuckas.

Walk right (killing ninjas) and walk up the stairs (collecting shurikan) killing the ninjas until you reach some small ledges. Climb up these onto the roof and walk left (killing the ninjas and collecting the goodies, watch out for the green chests).

When you reach the edge of the roof turn around and walk back to the small ledges, drop down, kill ninja, left, collect shurikan, kill ninja, down (collecting energy and killing wall ninja). Go right, up, right, kill ninja, down, kill ninja, left (collecting goodies), kill ninjas, down, right, kill ninjas, down, left, hit chest, energy, down (collecting energy and kill ninja). Go right, kill ninjas, down, jump from column to column avoiding spikes (collecting goodies and energy), avoiding spikes (collect goodies and energy), avoid/kill bats and ninjas, down, walk right and you'll meet Sheebop.

Run to the far right and face left, everytime she swoops down at you hit her (rapidly) with the nunchuckas, when she's dead, walk right and hit the exit twice to open it.


This is short and sweet. Simply walk from one end of the train to the other, killing the baddies. Jumping over the mines and collecting the goodies. There are no big baddies at all on this level, easy eh?


Walk right (collecting shurikens, iron bar and petrol bomb). Kill missile man with iron bar (avoiding missiles), continue right, kill punks and collect ghettoblaster. Kill knifeman, kill missile man, collect bombs, kill punk, jump mines and enter building.

Walk right, up the stairs and then up the second stairs. Kill flying cyborg, avoid mine, kill rolling cyborg and gunman. Walk left, collect shurikan, jump over containers and continue left past the targets. Kill gunman, continue left, kill cyborgs, avoid mine, kill one-eyed stone and, jump up onto ledge on right.

Go right, crawl along tunnel above, avoid mine, collect bomb and goodies. Continue right, kill bomber and cyborg, avoid mine. Continue right (collecting gas and shuriken), jump up onto ledge on left. Walk left, avoid mines, jump onto containers and then onto the ledge on the left.

Collect bomb, right, drop back down onto containers, jump onto ledge on right, right, hit chest, over containers (collect shuriken). Jump onto ledge on left, continue left, kill bomber and stone. Jump up onto left ledge, continue left and drop down, avoid mine and kill bomber, down, right, down, left and down stairs.

Kill cyborg and avoid mine, collect gas and avoid next mine. Collect shuriken, jump onto ledge on right, kill bomber and jump onto the ledge on left. Avoid mine, left, jump onto ledge on right and then onto the containers. Jump onto the ledge on the left, kill gunman, left down the containers (avoiding the mines). Continue left (killing cyborg and bomber), jump onto the containers and onto the ledge on the left. Go left, kill stones, down, walk left and you will meet the first big baddie.

The best tactic is to stand on the barrel and hit it with the iron bar (constantly of course). Wwhen the arms at either side shoot out towards you (the baddies pause before they do), jump straight up, landing back on the barrel. When you've killed it, jump up the containers that appear and kill the gunman, and jump onto the ledge on the right.

Walk right (killing baddies and collecting goodies), right up stairs, kill stone and collect energy, jump onto the ledge on the left. Walk up steps, kill punk, collect ghettoblaster, jump over containers and continue left (killing baddies and collecting goodies).

Jump up onto the ledge on the left, kill punk and knifeman and collect shurikens. Jump up the scaffolding onto the third ledge on the left. Kill punk, walk right, drop down, right, jump up right onto ledge. Kill gunman, drop down, collect energy.

Go right, kill punk, jump back up onto previous ledge. Jump up onto the right ledge, jump across onto the next ledge on the right. Collect bomb, kill missile man, drop down right, over the container. Collect bomb, jump up onto the right ledge, kill gunman. Jump onto ledge below on right, collect chainsaw, kill punk. Jump up right onto ledge, kill knifeman, jump up onto ledge on right. Jump up onto ledge on left.

Kill punk, jump onto ledge on left and kill punk. Jump left onto ledge and jump up left onto ledges. Jump slightly left onto ledge and jump up left. Jump left onto ledge, avoid mine, jump up left onto ledge, collect goodies.

Jump down left onto ledge, then up left onto ledge, hit chest, jump left up two ledges and kill punk. Jump up right, kill bomber, jump up left two ledges, then up right and kill punk. Jump down right twice, avoid mine, jump right across ledges until you reach a strange metal object. Jump onto this, then jump up right and you will finally meet Professor X himself.

Avoid his metal legs, the mines he drops, and the homing missiles he fires. Only hit Professor X, not the legs. Uuse the chainsaw, the iron bar and the shurikens (the bombs are no use) and with a LOT of luck you should beat him. When you've defeated him walk right, where your (and Nat's) girlfriends are waiting, and that's it, you've completed the game!!

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